Friday, September 12, 2014

The Blaze of Betta, Part Three

Moist earth did soothe their hurts, and, too, did hide
The fighters Mallajore sought to destroy.
From viscious venomed welts were Betta's side
Protected for the nonce. But soon this ploy
Like all their others would fail as its flaw
Was witnessed by the wizard, whose commands
The earth itself betimes obeyed. No law
Could thwart his will, no merely mortal hands
When raised against him, ever knew success.
E'en as these thoughts crossed Betta's mind there came
New mire-bourne horrors groping at them. "Lest
"These things reach up and throttle us, let's claim
"A dozen with each blow!" she she cried, and rose,
And through great clouds of insects, smote her foes.