Thursday, November 3, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Going Hungry for a Cause

The seventh day of siege dawned bright and cold
And windless. In the highest tower, where
The women, and the young, and very old
Were gathered for protection and for care,
Within the lady's bedroom, breakfast cooked
Before her spacious fireplace. The fear
Was just more to be coped with. Tally looked
A moment to the outside, heard a cheer
That wasn't the defenders, screamed and ran
To tell the head cook. As the hooks and ropes
Caught on the castle's walks, the fight began
In earnest. And the lovely stew that spat
And bubbled on the hearth? A weapon, that!

Weird Wednesday: Not in Wonderland, Part XXIV

Her wand'rings brought her to a spot replete
With solar panels, coated in fine dust,
But mayhap working still. She tried to beat
Them in with her bare hands, but then, as must
Occur sometimes, she wised up and went back.
Her erstwhile rifle's stock would better serve.
She smashed them good, e'en unto all the black
Behind the glass, and while she had the nerve
Ripped out the wires and pipes that did connect
The panels to a building standing near.
"Come out and fight me, buddy. Look, I've wrecked
Your little power station!" With no fear
She stood there, arms akimbo. Alice meant
To force a confrontation. Time well spent.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Terror Tuesday: My Special Brew

Oh, do please try this tea; it's just the best.
I harvest it myself from out in back.
I just cut this, this morning. Careful, lest
You spill it. Blossoms such as these, they lack
Robustness, and are thus quite hard to grow.
Oh, I just have the knack, I guess. One learns
By doing. Say, does anybody know
If that poor girl has turned up? Oh, it burns?
It's not that hot, is it? Oh, wait, I get
Your meaning. It's quite tart. Acquired taste,
Perhaps. So no, she's missing still? I bet
The flowers will love her. Oh, I spoke in haste!
It's "would" I meant. Don't edge away, my dear.
You can't escape, and must drink up, I fear.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Mystery Monday: Her Voyage, Part XI

I'd packed my bags to travel once again
To where my sister'd made a sort of base,
When my phone rang. My children all had been
A-searching, too, and one had found a trace
In Iceland! Off I rushed, no questions more!
But when I got there, he was on a dig
From centuries ago! What was in store?
Beneath a church's ruins lay a big
And jumbled cache of objects, carved in bone
And ivory. A chess queen caught my eye:
'Twas Krissy to the life. My mind was blown.
My son then said the runes on it said "Why
Disturb me? I am Pollardsdottir's, and
No others. Kindly free me from thy hand."

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Satire Sunday: The Fatal Flaw

When Sadie Pup was bored, she liked to play,
And toss and chase and throw about the floor
Her fav'rite toy. It squeaked a lot! Today,
However, her own human, wanting more
Than just a squeaky plushie for her dog,
Brought home the latest, An-E-Mal by name.
A few adjustments, and 'twould be a frog,
A duck, a mouse - whatever type of game
Or vermin your pet likes the best, with sounds
To match! It even claimed that it could tell
Based on how it was played with, what compounds
Were missing from her diet! It worked well
For fifteen minutes. Then it was a pile
Of faux fur, stuffing, circuits, on the tile.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sci Fi Saturday: Beggars Can't be Choosers

"I can't afford that one," she said, and sighed.
"It's from our budget line; we haven't got
A lower price point." That shop girl, all pride
And condescension, obviously thought
Their interaction ended. Rosie, though,
Her stump still itching, wouldn't pass one day
Without an arm! "Come on. If you'd just go
Check out the stock room --" she began to say.
"I did already. All we have back there
Are custom jobs." "Did any get returned
Or not picked up?" The shop girl smirked. "You care
If it's got limitations? We got burned --"
"I'll take it. Graft it on this instant, please."
And that's why Maddy's hand can just slice cheese.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fantasy Friday: Fish Tales, Part IV

Dear Mom and Dad, can I please come home soon?
This camp is horrible. I'm always cold,
Each morning starts off with a nasty tune
Played on... it's called an antler? And we're told
Just what to do each minute! How's the reef?
How's my seahorse? Don't ride her. Only I
Can ride her, grandpa said. Oh no, our "chief" --
We're all some kind of engines? -- just came by
And said it's time for yet another "trek"
Down to the darker water. I just hate
It here. Oh, and last night I got the "heck"
Beat out of me by trout girls. Now I'm late.
Please send someone to fetch me to the sea.
Signed, love, your Kleo, longing to be free!