Sunday, January 1, 2017

Superhero Sunday: How Handy Saved Jim Dandy

Jim Dandy had been kidnapped once again.
He'd been mistaken, just like always, for
His Doppelganger, handsome Beyond Ken,
Whose wife was rich, bought houses by the score,
And always picked the winning stocks. Once she
Did notice the misplaced and misspelled note
Demanding ransom, she told Ken to be
A doll, and call up Handy Miss. “They wrote
In crayon this time, I see. Oh please, find that man
Before they hurt him.” Handy Miss agreed.
Her latest gadget, planted, per her plan
On Jim last time, broadcast the foolish deed
O’er all Bluetooth devices within range.
Jim Dandy wasn't captive long. How strange!

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