Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weird Wednesday: They Didn't Just Sting

The new apprentice had switched 'round the ink
( By accident, he claimed, but who can say?),
And so 'twas with the special stuff ( we think)
That TeeJay wound up tattooing,  that day,
Such miracles. The Virgin Mary set
Upon one client's bicep healed all wounds
It touched, while that sly Roma Lilybet
Had done on her left thigh? That left her doomed
To hear the future, in detail. Whene'er
It was uncovered -- and the thing was right,
Predictions always true! Then there's the stare
Of that top-hatted eyeball, which, by night,
Stays wakeful on my shoulder, seeing all.
Which shop does better cover-ups, now, doll?

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