Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Blaze of Betta, Part Two

Quoth Mallajore, in terror at the scene,
"Who is this bitch, how dares she here to fight
My forces?" No one answered as the lean
And muscled woman laughed off a fierce bite
From wolven jaws and brought her hammer down
To crush the monster who'd attacked her. "Fly,
My demon-spawn" the wizard said "Reknown
Throughout the ages, even if you die
Destroying her, is yours!" The sound of wings
And buzzing drowned his cries as did obey
His minions! A barrage of bites and stings
Made worse the clash of armies as the fray
Grew mightier. And soon, besmeared in blood,
Did Betta and her fighters hide in mud.

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