Monday, September 12, 2016

Satire Sunday: Dinner's Here

"I've got the pizza. Man it's smelling good,"
Marcella texted to her housemate, Jean.
"Oh, get some chips and soda, if you could?"
"I've left the store already." "Man, that's mean,
Can't you just turn around?" "I'm hungry, dude!"
The texts kept flying as her Chrysler made
The turn onto their street. "That's still just rude."
"It's three whole blocks. Get some yourself." "I'll trade
You kitchen duty for a week." "Nah, I'm
Just pulling in the driveway now." "Don't be
A mega-bitch." "What, you think I've got time
To be your errand bitch?" She didn't see
That she'd run out of driveway. With a crash
Her car then turned the living room to trash!

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