Sunday, October 30, 2016

Satire Sunday: The Fatal Flaw

When Sadie Pup was bored, she liked to play,
And toss and chase and throw about the floor
Her fav'rite toy. It squeaked a lot! Today,
However, her own human, wanting more
Than just a squeaky plushie for her dog,
Brought home the latest, An-E-Mal by name.
A few adjustments, and 'twould be a frog,
A duck, a mouse - whatever type of game
Or vermin your pet likes the best, with sounds
To match! It even claimed that it could tell
Based on how it was played with, what compounds
Were missing from her diet! It worked well
For fifteen minutes. Then it was a pile
Of faux fur, stuffing, circuits, on the tile.

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