Friday, April 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday: 1666

'Twas early in September, and they'd met
At Colin Cooper's large house in the Lane
Called Pudding. He was in fine form, as yet
One hour into his sermon when a plain
Young woman, in her boredom, let her gaze
Go wandering to yonder window. "Smoke?"
She whispered, but was shushed. "The End of Days
Commenceth soon," cried Cooper. "Those who joke,
Who mock us, will repent in flame and ash!"
He kept on going, as the brethren hung
On ev'ry word. Outside there came a crash,
But they ignored it. E'en as wood smoke stung
Their eyes, they kept on praying, duty bound.
Weeks later, blackened corpses were so found.


  1. A sober poem today. I just watched 'The Witch.' Have you seen it? This chimes with it - I am always amazed by how you come up with these sonnets each day.

  2. I have not seen The Witch. I'll have to look for it. I did just see the kind of lightweight but still good BBC miniseries about the Great Fire.

  3. K you didn't hear it from moi, but on the wilds of the internet one can find said film on yify dot tv. I'll look around for that BBC mini, although my backlogged viewing list is way too long.