Sunday, August 28, 2016

Satire Sunday: Liberté Fraternité Absurdité

Quite long ago, a young man named Michel,
A gendarme on the famous Cote d'Azure,
Was given an odd duty, though it well
Did suit him: he was sent off to assure
That ladies' bathing suits weren't let to show
Too much of their fair forms. He worked with zeal,
And modesty was saved. A century
Or so, and his great-grandson -- is this real? --
Reflected on this ruefully as he
Was sent to those same beaches to police
The wearing of "burkinis". "Show more skin!
That now must be our motto! That two-piece,
It is too moral, therefore it's a sin!"
He laughed himself to illness, thus he missed
Enforcing it ere France chose to disist.

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