Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday: A Comics Legend is Born

Just Rob knew that at last he had a hit
When he invented -- hero of the age! --
The Crüemeister. "Oh man, this is the spit!"
He crowed his triumph as he penned each page,
Then he ran o'er to artist, Eric May
The script for Issue One. "It's cool," quoth he,
"But Just, the likeness rights we'll have to pay --"
"My publisher's ex-wife happens to be
That Nikki guy's stepmom. You got any beers?
Get drawing!" "How's his power work again?"
"He flips the bird and Mötley Crüe appears
And 'Doctor Feelgood' starts. "Ok, so then
It's just distraction?" "Yes. And thus the name!"
And that's how Rob and May achieved their fame.

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