Friday, January 22, 2016

Fantasy Friday: A Forensic Fancy

The Jubjub stood between them, in its state
Of readiness, lacking form and hue and and size.
And so the pair commenced their last debate,
The bird transforming right before the eyes
Of judges and spectators, turn by turn.
"He's small with great blue wings," quoth Speaker One.
"Nay," Speaker Two said, "Though I tend to spurn
Assigning gender, She blots out the sun
And with her breath, puts out the torches' flame!"
The contest, now in darkness and in cold
Was all but won right there, as only lame
Rebuttals came from One. Meanwhile her bold
Opponent did empow'r the creature more,
Then said "The Jubjub's choice decides the score!"

- For Nina Ford, Larissa Ford and Robin Gloss

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