Sunday, January 31, 2016

Satire Sunday: The Courtside Chiller, Part VI

The team of GeistenGrounders sure looked tough,
And had a lot of lingo for to sling
'Bout psychometers, plasmatrons and stuff
That sounded most impressive. But the thing
That finally made clean the haunted gym
Was none of these. The spectre simply laughed
The louder at their gadgets. "Look at him!"
One Grounder to another screamed. A shaft
Of pale blue light appeared. It had a face
As big as poor Coach Bly was tall, its look
As fierce as was the smell about the place.
The frightened team paused. "Let's re-check the book."
Turned out that what was needed was to say
In Aklo, "Yeah, we see you. Go away."

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