Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thriller Thursday: The Courtside Chiller, Part III

Sonneteer's note: Today's is a prequel of sorts to the prior installments of The Courtside Chiller.

Some twenty years before, a player for
This university, a student of
Dead languages had delved into some more
Obscure ones, and he quickly fell in love
With one that should not ever have been taught.
This guided all his studies, and his life
In strange directions. One night he was caught
Mid-sacrifice: his coach's former wife
Was rescued in the nick of time! Her blood
Was meant to summon Old Ones yet unnamed.
His name, of course, thenceforth and ever Mud,
This student worked in secret, yet unshamed.
His last experiment was on the court,
Where he had once reigned as a god of sport.

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