Monday, January 25, 2016

Mystery Monday: Not in Wonderland, Part IX

Sonneteer's note: This is the latest entry in a serial begun last year. For the entire serial to date, click here. Remember to read from the bottom up.

They left the cottage later on that night,
Deciding darkness was their safest bet
From now on. "Oi, you fool, shut out that light!"
A voice called to them. "Pray, have we met?"
Asked Alice. From the shadows came a beast
Whose rows of teeth glowed greenish and whose eyes
Were small and black and widely spaced. "At least
Stop shouting. We'll be seen by Roja's spies."
"But who is Roja?" "You are funny, miss,"
The shark – for it was such, though 'twas through sand
It moved – said to her, darkly, with a hiss
(Its tongue was slim and forked and darting, and
Distinctly snake-like) "And you need a hat.
I know a guy. I'll show you where he's at."

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