Monday, March 21, 2016

Mystery Monday: Purloined Persuasion, Part V

"Oh, Robin, Robin," quoth Lance, "Decent try,
But none of us would fall for that. We know
Those islands are not Russian. You think I
Am pretty stupid, don't you?" "Oh, just go--"
"No, you were right to do it." "You admit --?"
"I've written a new case, all on my own
To beat you with." "You cocky little --" "It
Won't matter in the long run. I have grown
Because of you, and thank you." Robin threw
Her hands up, stalked into the classroom, met
Her partner's gaze and calmed a bit. She drew
A breath, and soon the battle lines were set.
Just thirty minutes later, all was sweet.
Her sneaky foe was bitter in defeat.

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