Sunday, March 6, 2016

Satire Sunday: An Internship?

At long last, Rowan got his PhD,
Regalia cost too much, though, to afford,
So he did not march. Ceremony'd be
Of no importance to his plans. "Record
It for me," he told Jon-boy, and began
His job hunt, now in earnest. Listings were
Quite hard to find, and secret. Our young man
Knew entry level was his lot. 'Twould spur
Him to achieve! At his first interview
His hopes were dashed. "I'm sorry, Doctor Frank,
But we need more experience to do
This job." "But it's just mopping aisles! I --" Blank.
"My meth lab needs a janitor," said Jon.
"We can't pay, but I'm sure they'd take you on."

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