Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Weird Wednesday: Not in Wonderland, Part XIV

She should have left, but now she was confused.
"Which way," asked Alice, pointing hard, "Is that?"
The rose of dawn was in the sky. "I used
To call that west. Today, though," Like a cat
The creature twitched its whiskers. "I shall call
It... south!" "But that makes no sense. You can't just
Reset your compass like that! Not at all!"
The skunk-thing blinked and belched. "Oh well, you must
Decide yourself. It's boring, though, to keep
On calling things the same thing ev'ry day.
Well, off with you. And mind you, it gets steep
Off south, there." "Thanks, I think I'll find my way
Without your mad 'directions.'" "That's just fine.
Just watch out east; don't fall into that mine!"

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