Friday, February 26, 2016

Fantasy Friday: Not in Wonderland, Part XIII

'Twas dark when Alice woke in fear and pain.
The rabbit-skunk might think this was a den
Of comfort, but a human, in the main,
Would find it cramped. She stretched a bit and then
Sought out what had disturbed her. Phwah! Her host
Was back, and dragged along some rotting meat
To feast on. "Sorry, they're all out of roast,"
It quipped. She shook her head, got to her feet
And made to leave. "Don't go that way! The west
Is empty, save for monsters." "But the sun
Is rising there. It's east!" "You're poorly dressed
For northward journeys." "Are you making fun?"
"Down south," it said, and gestured to the east
You're likely to be eaten by the Beast."

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