Monday, February 22, 2016

Mystery Monday: Purloined Persuasion, Part II

Lance won, of course. She'd known it ere debate
Concluded. She had done her very best
To keep her poise, for it was far too late
To fix it now. She took it as a test,
A chance to find her case's flaws. 'Twas not
An easy thing. And then as they shook hands
She looked into his face, and there she caught
A knowing smirk. Should she now take a stand?
"Good luck today," Lance said, and gave a wink.
This gave her pause. But could it really be?
She answered him in kind. She'd raise a stink
Once she knew how he'd done it. Calmly, she
Took out her phone. Her brother, at a game,
Could hardly hear her when she said his name.

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  1. Curious to see where this one will go - great that you are bringing these out in a book, congratulations!