Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Strange Cargoes

Home once again from trading, Cadno brought
Strange things 'most ev'ry time when he returned.
His Ogma did her best at home, and sought
To make good use of what she never spurned:
His gifts. 'Twas cruithneacht this time, a grain
He said had to be ground and milled, and then
Baked up with water somehow. It was plain
That this was what he wanted. He had been
A good provider, so his Ogma tried
Her best. There were some failures; luckily
He'd brought a lot. Then one day Ogma cried
In wonder, breaking off a piece to see
If this was what he'd meant. It was! And so
Came wheat to Britain, if not yet to grow.


  1. This is so great. Cruithneacht?

  2. Gaelic for "wheat", I think. This one still needs a bit of work maybe!

    1. No I loved this one. There was a youtube video about this time period, place, wheat-bread growing-making that someone recommended to me a couple of weeks ago -