Monday, February 29, 2016

Mystery Monday: Purloined Persuasion, Part III

"What's up, sis," asked her brother, once the crowd
Had settled down. "Oh, nothing much. It's just..."
She told him what had happened. "I'm too proud
To think I have a brother who would bust
My chances..." "But you know I had a crush
On Lance last year." "The thought occurred, so yes."
"We never... That is, once... There was this brush..."
"He got my hair! Oh, man, I'd never guess
He'd fake my DNA to get my files!"
"You should be flattered. Me, I got my heart--"
"Shut up, Jake. Or I'll tell your boyfriend, Miles,
You cheated on him." "Scheming little fart!"
But she'd hung up, and opened up her cache
To build a decoy file she'd fill with trash.

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