Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday: What the Shadows Hid

The coach that now approached did bear a man
Who'd soon rule all, but on this cloudy night
No one knew of his destiny (who can,
Save mayhap John Dee?). It is known the fight
Was short; the coachman gave up far too quick,
And Thomas Allen and his partner (who
Had secrets as we'll see) soon had their pick
From Cromwell's purse. Perhaps the haul of loot
'Twas kept them unaware of the patrol
Until poor Tom was nicked. Hind, though, stayed free,
Though won no gain from this adventure. Droll,
Though, was the laughter as hooves thundered. She
Is known to history as John, but names
Don't tell all. She was born Jane. Yes, a dame!

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